When interacting with a hotel App there are certain items that really annoy me.  Below are my top five pet peeves when using a hotel App.

  • Non responsive or slow chat function – If your App offers a chat function and it takes longer than 2-3 minutes to respond, it may be better to not have that convenience unless you can provide relatively quick answers to questions or requests.
  • No map or a map with no context – If a hotel App does not have a map showing you where the property is located with context on activities or cultural highlights then delete it.  A property should be proud of where they are located and contextual map is a way to Welcome guests and proudly showing off the neighborhood.
  • Easy opting out of push notifications – There are a few things that are as annoying as receiving notifications from any App and not having the ability to turn the function off.  Apps need to ask for permission and a way to turn it off easily even if at time of download a user granted permission.
  • Complicated surveys – Make it easy for users to provide feedback, enough said.
  • Hard to follow navigation – I don’t have time or desire to complete a scavenger hunt to find elementary functions.



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